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With the necessity for constant uptime and use at any port, road or carpark, enhanced maintenance is the answer. Resurfacing is an inevitability, however, with a proactive approach to the maintenance and care of the existing surfaces, this period in between replacement can be stretched meaning cost reductions, increased abilities within budgets and money left to spend on other necessities. With carefully selected materials and application methods, the life cycle of the asphalt or concrete surfaces that you have at your site can be prolonged and kept usable for longer.

Fretted cracks can soon become voids and potholes, with the risk of injury and damage to vehicles or property greatly increased. At this stage, the suitable solution is to infill and overband. Preventing further water ingress and leaving a workable flat surface free form danger to people or property. Further to this, the proactive and planned approach can be done at a time that suits the client. Repairs to the surface are set and ready to use again within a few hours.

The plant that we operate is intended for use in the repair of cracks, fretted joints, potholes and utility repairs. Aggregate and rubberised bitumen pellets (paving pellets) are mixed within the drum and heated, the drum is then hydraulically tilted to tip the material into a wheelbarrow ready for use. The simplicity of the machine is a great benefit as well as being transportable to site via a trailer and a tick in the box for the environment as 'breakout' can be reheated and used as a binder course.

Our company works hard to provide the best service with a keen eye over price and environmental impact recycling materials wherever possible.

We are committed to ISO quality, environmental and Health and safety standards. All of which are paramount during the course of the work on our projects.

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